Harry from Santa Clara Valley, a Memphis Grill Smoker.
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Harry from Santa Clara Valley, a Memphis Grill Smoker.
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Thread: Harry from Santa Clara Valley, a Memphis Grill Smoker.

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    Harry from Santa Clara Valley, a Memphis Grill Smoker.

    Came out to look after several years of using my memphis grill. I have done a number of briskets and they all turned out well. Put a 13# on last night and woke this am to see ER2. Filled the pellet bin and missed the show. It just kept putting out smoke but heat did not go up so I pulled the meat and it seemed nicedly done, smoked and at 165 degrees. After putting the meat in the oven at 225 dissected the grill. My oh my. Looks like I used pellets that had been outside too long. They had disintegrated and a fire had gone all the way up the feed shoot. Cleaning it out now but as we are in a hailstorm (yes, her in CA) thought I would visit and join. The bin and auger are a mess. Trying to clean it up, pull out the ashes and get it running again. Lets see if the meat recovers enough to be edible. Although it had held at 165 it seems to be in a stall.

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    you should be fine. Big Poppa Smokers isnt a dealer for Memphis or we could help you. Let us know if you run into any questions and we will try to get you the right information

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    Welcome to the forum, Harry!
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    Welcome to PS.com! Sorry about your problem. Get it back in shape and get cookin again!
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