Hi i'm M, and I am a pellet smoker!!!!
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Hi i'm M, and I am a pellet smoker!!!!
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Thread: Hi i'm M, and I am a pellet smoker!!!!

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    Hi i'm M, and I am a pellet smoker!!!!

    My name's M and i'm introducing myself to the community here. 31 years old with 0 grilling experience (until now). My journey started when I told my GF that I didn't know how to grill and she responded "you're not a real man if you don't know how to grill." Harsh right? Anyhow that very night I got on YouTube and never looked back. I was "taught" by watching Malcom Reed's HOWTOBBQRIGHT, Chef Tom of ATBBQ, and Harry Soo of SLAPYODADDY BBQ. I literally watched EVERY video they made before finally deciding to pull the trigger. I originally decided on a Traeger Pro Series 34, but after lurking in reviews and BBQ forums, it seemed their grills aren't what they use to be. So after some research I settled on the Rec Tec 590. Was attracted by the PID and the sq ft. Got within a week of purchasing and decided I didn't like the founder or the way the grill looked (cheesy horns). I know that's petty but hey, it was my first grill purchase and I wanted to like it. Spent about 3 weeks looking around and visiting forums and finally settled on the Grilla Grills Silverbac Alpha. Came in last week and did my very first cook over the weekend. A 15 pound brisket from Porter Road, a Kosmo Q injection, and a combo of Kosmo Q and Oakridge BBQ rubs. Brisket turned out AMAZING! Looking forward to learning from you guys as I truly want to become a student of bbq. Thank you in advance!

    First Brisket First Brisket - Album on Imgu

    The pics above were taken 30 mins after slicing so the slices dried out after being left out. But the brisket was full of moisture.
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    Welcome to PS.com!!
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    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome to the party!
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    Welcome to PelletSmoking and welcome to the wonderful world of pellet cooking
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    Welcome , cooking is a always learning experience
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    Welcome to the group!

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    Welcome from Nor Cal! Malcolm Reed, Harry Soo, and BP are my favorite videos to educate me (Aaron Franklin as well). Show us some pics,
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