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hi from oklahoma
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    hi from oklahoma

    Just traded for a old louisiana whole hog. Been using cookshack for about twenty years. Love it but needed something big for parties. Never used a pellet machine. Can't wait to get started.
    One question for those who know this machine.
    There it a adjustable door that lets pellets into fire box. Mine is all the way open. Where should this be set? I would think just enough to let the pellets in.


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    Hi, from NE Ohio, and Welcome to the forum!

    I have never used one of those cooker before, So I can't answer your question about the adjustable door, BUT... Louisiana Grills has the owner's manual available on their website.

    Be sure to stick around and share your cooking experience with us!
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    Welcome to the forum Rude. Show us some pictures of your rig.
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    Welcome to PS.com Rude!
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