Looking to upgrade my smoker.
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Looking to upgrade my smoker.
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Thread: Looking to upgrade my smoker.

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    Looking to upgrade my smoker.


    My name is Jed and thank you for letting me join this site. I previously owned a Traeger Texas smoker and I'm looking to upgrade. I have been focused on the Yoder YS640 and FEC PG500 for a while, but now I'm really thinking of splurging on a MAK 2 Star or maybe Memphis Advantage Plus. I will be smoking and grilling on the one I choose frequently. I've decided to stick with a pellet smoker because my wife had also started cooking on my Traeger too. The MAK 2 is at the top of my budget so I probably wouldn't get any accessories starting out except a cover. Is the cover offered with it heavy duty enough that I can leave my MAK on the patio instead of storing in the garage? Are there any accessories that have to be added when purchasing that can't be added later? I have been doing research for a while now and I'm about to drive myself crazy. Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Welcome to the party...

    The cover is very good that comes from MAK... I leave my 2 star outside all the time... The cover has lasted through almost three years of sun, rain and snow... All with no issues other than a bit of fading.

    As for accessories needed out of the gate... I can't think of any you have to have. You will find the folks at MAK don't skimp on anything they do. Of there was one I would get would be the half upper rack and or grill grates. But you can more than get going with out those.

    Give the folks at BPS a call and get that 2 star ordered while the grilling season is on full swing... You won't regret it

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    I bought my 2 Star with a bunch of options and now that I've had it for awhile I can tell you that I could have saved some money because some of them just aren't needed. The only thing I'd say is worth it is the upper grate. If you get it, buy two half grates for easier cleaning. As for covers I was never thrilled with the MAK. cover. Light weight and not as water proof as you would hope. The design leaves a bit to be desired too. It sits flat on the wings and I've had it freeze to the lids on the wings. It also comes off in the wind unless you use some kind of other clamp. I've switched to a cover for a Weber S470. It's a better design and has built in straps and it's cheaper!
    Other than that I LOVE my MAK. Turns out great food and the controller is great. The capacity is awesome too. I've had a brisket, two butts and a few slabs of ribs going all at once and I could have made room for more.
    MAK service is great as well as you can see by their presence on various social media forums.

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    Welcome to PS.com Earl!

    If you end up choosing the MAK, you'll absolutely love it. Get the cover and 2 half upper shelves and then you can get the rest for birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day etc.
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    Agree with Scooter the half racks are first. The other....well present wish list is a fantastic idea!
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