My name is Doug and I'm from Alaska
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My name is Doug and I'm from Alaska
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Thread: My name is Doug and I'm from Alaska

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    My name is Doug and I'm from Alaska

    Looks like you have a great forum here. I'm from Wasilla Alaska and I'm a pellet smoker.

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    Welcome to Doug! Which cooker did you get?
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    Hey Doug, here's a big welcome from NE Ohio!

    Jump right in and show us some pics of your pellet cooker(s) in action!
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    I have the Traeger Pro - Bronze and love it! The only thing I'm a little disappointed about is you can't cold smoke with the new Traeger's like you could with the old ones. If you run the new ones at 125ºF or lower for more than ten minutes they throw an error code and shut down. Well, I'm really into making bacon (smoking at 90ºF) and the new grill just isn't going to do what I need it to do. I'm probably going to order a Bradley along with the cold smoke adapter as I usually only do two pork bellies in a batch.
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    Welcome Doug!

    Be sure to post photos (esp. bacon photos).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessieBPS View Post
    Welcome Doug!

    Be sure to post photos (esp. bacon photos).
    Will do. Bradley and cold smoke adapter have been ordered.

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    Welcome Doug!!

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