My name is Higgs and I am a pellet smoker
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My name is Higgs and I am a pellet smoker
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Thread: My name is Higgs and I am a pellet smoker

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    Welcome to and welcome to the MAK family! You must be a physicist due to your HiggsBoson name and the amount of research you did and the correct conclusion you came to after all that research!! Haha!!
    Now get that cooker put together and get cooking!! I've put together four 2 Stars and a 1 Star by myself and I'm not even a scientist in the least so I know you can do it!!

    When I first heard of the Higgs Boson I though it sounded like a cool Star Wars name, haha. So now when I sign up for any forum account I use that name if its not taken.

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    Glad you have it all worked out! MAK support is the best out there. I love my MAK & haven’t used my gasser since! I’ve only had mine a few months but it smokes & grills great! I will probably use my gasser in the winter for Grilling as I live in a colder climate. I love the grill mode. My only complaint if I had one, is that to get to grill mode ( I like around 550) for steaks, is that it takes too long to get there. Other than that, this grill is pretty awesome!


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