My Name is Kurt and I am a pellet smoker
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My Name is Kurt and I am a pellet smoker
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Thread: My Name is Kurt and I am a pellet smoker

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    My Name is Kurt and I am a pellet smoker

    I live in northern Illinois and recently bought a MAK 2-Star. I previously used a Masterbuilt electric smoker I bought on QVC. Quite the upgrade from that to the MAK. Did about 3 years of research before I finally pulled the trigger and plunked down the $$$ for the MAK. So far, very happy with the results.
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    Congratulations, Kurt. You won't regret the MAK 2-Star. I have on an love it. Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to Kurt! And welcome to the MAK family! You will NEVER regret your choice of cooker. I also purchased an entry level pellet cooker before purchasing my first 2 Star. It was the 3rd production 2 Star off the line. Have never regretted my choice and my appreciation for the quality of construction and innovation that MAK puts into their grills is 2nd to none!
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    Been very happy with the purchase so far. I've cooked pulled pork, baby back ribs, chicken wings, cinnamon bread, and reverse -seared ribeyes. I was very impressed with MAK's customer service even before I received my grill. Two days after I ordered my grill, MAK called me to inform me that my smoker box had the holes for the tool hook on the wrong side. They said I could use the current smoker box but they would send me out a new, correct one in about 3 weeks. Now that is some awesome pro-active customer service. The 2-Star has lived up to the hype. Looking forward to many great cooks. And I'll upload pictures once I figure out how to do it.
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