My name is Shannon and I am a pellet smoker
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My name is Shannon and I am a pellet smoker
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Thread: My name is Shannon and I am a pellet smoker

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    My name is Shannon and I am a pellet smoker

    Morning, hi all my name is Shannon and yes I am a guy with a questionable name.. Lol. I have started smoking meats a few years back and did what I always did when trying something new..... I bought the cheapest thing I could find to see if this is something I could do. Well turns out I did not burn my house down.... YET I just picked up a Myron mixon postmaster Q3 off a guy that said it was not working for $50 I put a new hotrod in it amd BOOM I had a new smoker.. I feel I'm a OK smoker but I would love the title of... Best damn smoked meats on the block.... Needless to say.. Im still working on that. I just put on a brisket.... I better check my smoker.. Chat with ya later...

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    It sounds like you lucked out on one heck of a great deal for a pellet smoker!

    Welcome to the party!

    P.S. I've know other guys with that name.
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    Welcome to Shannon!!! Great deal on the smoker!!
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    Welcome from Nor Cal,
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