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New to the Pellet Smoking Game
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Thread: New to the Pellet Smoking Game

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    New to the Pellet Smoking Game

    Hello all,

    I've lurked here awhile now, but I finally purchased a Mak 2 star and I'm ready to start posting pictures of the good food it churns out. It's simplicity and versatility makes me wish I had bought one earlier. I still have my Webber gasser and WSM, but we will see how long I end up keeping the WSM. I like having the gasser for a quick sear after low and slow on the 2 star. I look forward to the future conversations. Cheers!

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    Welcome to the MAK family. You are going to love what you can do on your MAK!

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    Congrats on the new 2 Star. You will not be disappointed!
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    Is there a certain way to post photos? It doesn’t seem intuitive.

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    First, Welcome to the forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by Igneous629 View Post
    Is there a certain way to post photos? It doesn’t seem intuitive.
    I agree the way the updated vBulletin software has for inserting photos is NOT very intuitive and just doesn't work.

    Here's the manual way to post photos if you can't get the "Insert Image" button to work (this method is easiest with FireFox or Chrome - Microsoft makes it harder because right clicking doesn't give you the same menu options):

    1) Open your Google Photo image so it's being viewed by itself (not as a thumbnail).

    2) Right Click on the image and copy the URL/Image Location.

    3) Go to your forum post, and manually type the BBCode image tags: [IMG][/IMG] - (be sure the second one has the slash.)

    4) Paste the image URL in between the two image tags, so it looks like this:

    [IMG] q5ht-LYzI8hGv8n61MVveJXPUFONUAy0_epyrpRqFy_nymCtbOE8RuA 6yW-A9n9TRGScSL5BdzElw581C9sI0pHkdzW0GHfnessxosX2ouX6v PKcuSI07D_tumB8vgHGUnZdRCCAMQJdipzrlg1PaS3BTTBDKf8 K3qtKgaT2dFwR6JPGUstFk7cGf8TuNCSKteeiuZPGDSTSNfQn1 3mANnsaRVKaPEF6pExcbN6GRoRurRlVm1q6OmK6ADbYBamOkN5 o-py3wYq__zQmhTfZzf9wzvatqDybV-gsfTNQORtRGGqfNVgqpYgDb1PI2E6NcQ-8naQN6yg_Eb-1c8dHH1dgsl0xvalv-HCz0HXJIbIvcVMkCrrpg6Jj7p2Hv4LJsOmOTuw-WSEOytqSBlihQUZPBn5qbJVEZ6haphZsVOBfIDck8zHG3nENVX SMpHURy46wfGu-yEMRBYk9XZMilYH_0QWr3rc1Qkh0WG1eLjfKs1kW35YLLJz-YYQ5if_IqU1zhKi4iX08eUVlJfEWDoqtkgqsNiHyk7X1AfSxSg Ii_N9dlkk4A=w640-h480-no[/IMG]

    Google Photo URL's will be LONG, but that's OK! Only you will see the URL/Link. Once it's posted the image is what shows up.
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    From on MAK nut to what seems like another in the making... congrats and welcome!!
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    Welcome, new myself to the Mak and 2 star. Two smokes under my belt and its amazing. Enjoy and cant wait to see your future posts


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