Pellets better?
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Pellets better?
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Thread: Pellets better?

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    Pellets better?

    I just bought a pelletwood smoker. Used it 5 times so far and am doubting it will provide great smoke flavor that I am used to. I started many years ago with a (Mr. Meat ?) kettle charcoal smoker. Then to the same model Brinkman charcoal smoker. After that, a Masterbuilt electric smoker. After losing the Masterbuilt (after MANY smokings) I chose to try wood pellet setup in hopes to increase the already heavy smoke flavor. So far, the pellet wood smoker produces lots of smoke. Flavor is present the day of cooking, although not strong enough, but missing the next day when food is warmed up. Can someone tell me the smoke flavor is the same with wood pellet smoking as wood chunks or chips? At this point, I DO NOT SEE IT. Am about ready to give it up and go back to Masterbuilt or charcoal setups.
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    In general it's a tad bit lighter smoke that many hard core stick burner fans have come to like more but the pellet smokers can easily be enhanced by using stronger wood base such a mesquite. Additionally, those who must have maximum smoke flavor tend to add a smoking tube or tray for extra smoke. See the A-Maze-N lineup offerings. Many here using Masterbuilts use their tray with pellets in place if the chips. There is also a mailbox modification that many have incorporated with their Masterbuilt units.
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