Thanks! I don't have any butcher paper on hand, do they sell that at Amazon?

Looking to cook my fourth brisket soon. Had to abort on plans to cook today due to a last minute invite to play cards last night so I ended up sleeping in instead of rising early. That lead to some research on Brisket cooking. Saw a LOT of websites and videos today. Think I learned a lot. Tried to gather some consensus material.

My packer brisket CAB (Meyer Natural Angus) is in the fridge and I read that letting it rest or wet age in its packaging will be helpful to improve tenderness. It weighs about 12.5 pounds. I imagine trimmed I will have about 9-10 pounds meat probably 7 pounds flat and 3 pounds point roughly. That sound about right? Trimming it up the night before and hitting it with a BPS Cattleprod injection and some light salting, with final rub BPS Cash Cow applied (maybe a couple of other rubs thrown in too such as Happy Ending or Money or Little Louies Garlic Salt with Black Pepper) while smoker is heating.

I'm planning to separate the point and the flat prior to cooking to shorten the cooking time AND to get more rub flavoring and improved smoke ring into it. I intend to do burnt ends with the entire point.

About how long should I expect each part to take to hit final temp range 195-205 with and without foiling cooking at 250 vs 275 with flat and point separated?