#524 is still here...!!!
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#524 is still here...!!!
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Thread: #524 is still here...!!!

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    #524 is still here...!!!

    Hi all. Been a while. The reason isn't that important, but the point of this post is... (The reason) -- chemo, radiation, stage 3 cancer surgery, open heart, kidney failure, and, (somewhere in all that) separation & divorce, -- all of which meant Mak 2 Star # 524 spent the last 2 years locked in a leaky cargo trailer. Full of pellets. And ash. And grease residue...

    (The point) -- after working my way through all the above, I managed to hold onto 524 (and damn little else) and finally brought her home yesterday -- anticipating hours of work clearing disintegrated pellets out of the auger and hopper. And probably facing an ignitor replacement, and, perhaps, dead brain box thanks to 2 years of sub zero and plus 100 temps plus rain and humidity...

    Long story short, -- nothing... Zip... Nada... Everything was as nice as the day I put it in the trailer. No disintegrated pellets (BBQ Delight), no ignitor malfunction, no controller issues... After a complete inspection, it was simply plug it in, turn it on, and cook supper -- over 2 year old pellets in a sadly ignored and mistreated grill....

    Many, many Thanks, Mak, BBQ Delight and Big Poppa....!!!! You folks all ROCK...!!!
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    R.I.P. Clarence... You were the best I ever heard...

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    Elderberry, I am very glad to see you back and doing better!
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    Man, glad to see you're back and that your MAK2 is working good as before it's hibernation though I would expect nothing less from a MAK!
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