The apple problem.
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The apple problem.
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Thread: The apple problem.

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    The apple problem.

    I have a bag of apples in my fridge that are threatening to turn a bit toward south on me fairly soon. As a result of this problem I intend to use them up in a cook (or 2) this weekend. I think I have some pretty good ideas as to how I will use them up in a new way (or 2). I offer a friendly challenge to the wonderful posters on this forum to come up with a great dish with apples in it for this week's contest. I really hope someone takes me up on this so I don't look like a total fool.

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    check the hall of fame recipes for cowgirls apple dish fabulous

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    Ooooooooh yes, Cowgirl's apple dumplings are so good. I give a second nomination for it.

    If you have a bunch of apples, I also vote for braised apples with pork chops. Apples & pork go very well together. Use savory flavored herbs to balance the sweet.

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    Or, you could make apple butter and then serve it with pork. As good as apple sauce goes with pork, apple butter is X3.

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    I've been wanting to try this for awhile:

    Apple dutch baby with green chiles | Homesick Texan
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