BBQer's Delight Charcoal Pellets
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BBQer's Delight Charcoal Pellets
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Thread: BBQer's Delight Charcoal Pellets

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    BBQer's Delight Charcoal Pellets

    Has anyone tried these pellets? What do you think of them? Do they give you higher btu for grilling/searing situations?
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    I like them. I like to mix them with Hickory or Apple or all 3 together. No use in holding back. Maybe i'm crazy or imagining things, but when I use charcoal the smoke doesn't bother me as much when I open the lid to spray.
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    I'm still undecided on the charcoal pellets. I've got my last 10-15 pounds in the hopper. much prefer oak and hickory.

    never had an issue with any of ther BBQers delight pellets.

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    I've used charcoal pellets and do not notice a difference in smoke flavor. Being 10 months new into pellet cooking I can't say I notice much of a smoke flavor with any of the different wood pellets I'm using. I think the reason might be due to using too much seasoning while cooking or I have to smoke the food longer at a lower temp. I see plenty of smoke coming off my 2 Star, just never seem to notice any smoke flavor. Maybe it's time to try mesquite pellets? This story refers to when I'm cooking eggs on the griddle but when I actually smoke a Cornish Game Hen all of the different variety of the wood pellets give off a nice, mellow, smokey flavor.

    Buy yourself a bag of charcoal pellets next time your in the market for pellets and give it a try. We all have different tastebuds and someone may tell you they don't care for charcoal pellets but you may just think they're out of this world.

    Seriously, I do have a couple bags of charcoal pellets and find all the other variety of wood pellets to be more enjoyable than the charcoal ones. That may be because I thought the charcoal pellets were going to flavor the food more like a charcoal grill and that just did not happen.

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    I use them like BBQDad does mix with my hickory and sugar maple. I really like them when I cook burgers or dogs maybe my imagination too but seems to make a difference with flavor.
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    Pellet cookers already have a light smoke flavor so I load my hopper up with wood to get as much as I can. I can't see thinning out the wood flavor pellets with charcoal. Seems to go against what I'm trying to get done.

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    We have the charcoal pellets and really seem to like them. We generally use them with steaks and burgers.

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    I bought the charcoal pellets thinking they has a higher BTU than other pellets. I agree that I cannot tell a difference in smoke flavors amongst the various pellet woods. Charcoal seems to be similar to all the other pellets in terms of BTU. in fact, I think OAK is best.


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    Thanks thats what I was looking for if they had the higher BTU for grilling steaks and burgers.

    Think I will stick with oak.

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    You know I think I read that charcoal was supposed to be higher btu, and then heard somewhere its not. I really don't know, but it feels to me like oak is probably the btu winner with hickory a short step behind.


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