Best Pellets for Smokehouse Flavor Meats
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Best Pellets for Smokehouse Flavor Meats
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Thread: Best Pellets for Smokehouse Flavor Meats

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    Best Pellets for Smokehouse Flavor Meats

    What is the best pellet to purchase for real smokehouse flavor on meats in general. I have only used B&B Pellets from Academy and although they are good pellets I am disappointed in the flavor that i'm getting. In your opinion, what is the best Pellet money can buy?

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    We really like cookinpellets, best we have tried so far.
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    Which of the two cookinpellet flavors do you prefer?

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    What pellet grill do you have? Some pellet grills simply don't smoke for squat. As for the B&B pellets, if I recall correctly those are BBQ Delight pellets, private labeled. Personally I think BBQ Delight pellets are the best so you are burning the best.
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    Cookinpellets Perfect Mix, then again I have not used BBQ Delight either

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    In six years of smoking mostly on a pee wee jr. that swings like new gate, I have come to realize you get what you pay for........

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    +1 for BBQr's Delight! There's a reason why they're the only pellets we sell.

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