Big Poppa's "Bring the Heat" Special!
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Big Poppa's "Bring the Heat" Special!
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Thread: Big Poppa's "Bring the Heat" Special!

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    Big Poppa's "Bring the Heat" Special!

    Big Poppa has put a new special in the store!

    Check it out here:

    This special includes:
    Cowtown's "Night of the Living Sauce"
    Cowtown's Orginal Sauce
    Hot Squeeze Sauce
    Firehouse BBQ Original Rub
    Firehouse BBQ Santa Maria Style Rub
    Soileau's Ca'Fe' Cheaux Cajun Seasoning
    Little Louie's T-shirt

    All for $45.95!
    Customer Service - Big Poppa Smokers

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    What a great deal!
    -Pete's Firehouse BBQ
    Award Winning BBQ, Catering, Spice Rubs & Sauces

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    I love this special. These are some of my favorites.


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