Blade Tenderized meats  CAREFUL!
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Blade Tenderized meats  CAREFUL!
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Thread: Blade Tenderized meats CAREFUL!

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    Blade Tenderized meats CAREFUL!

    here is an article that you guys should be aware of.....

    What You Need to Know About Mechanically Tenderized Beef - Consumer Reports

    I have cooked hundreds of these costco meats with no issues but this is sort of a concern of mine I will now try to locates tri tips and steaks that havent been blade tenderized.

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    Good info.

    Realize that injecting does the same thing - pushes surface pathogens into the body of the meat. Although no one is eating rare pork, there has to be some awareness of how long the meat stays in the danger zone, especially when cooking with lower temps.

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    sax the pork is cooked to 200+ so it is a non issue as long as your meat hits 160 internal you are fine but you dont cook a prime steak to 160...

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    I was under the impression that if the internal temp stayed between 40-140 degrees for a period of more than two hours it would still carry a risk even if the final temp was over 200.
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    Just one more reason for me to keep going to & buying from my local butcher.

    Surface bacteria being pushed down into the meat is exactly why I have never been a fan of jaccard tenderizers. I always cringe when I see someone using one or promoting their use, especially if the meat isn't being fully cooked. If the meat is being fully cooked, then a jaccard is OK, I suppose... just not for me.

    Cubed meat is the same way. It needs to be fully cooked.
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    Having had food poisoning a few times, I started doing research into this several years ago. Without giving a long account of this adventure, the ultimate solution to this for me was to find and build a couple of great relationships with a butcher and a fishmonger.

    I basically announced myself as a "Meat Hobbyist" and explained some of my adventures. Once this was articulated and the fact that I was willing to take their advice on things without an attitude, and return feedback. I started to get great advice and even a bunch of unannounced specials that might be coming up.
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    Wow! Never thought about this - another great reason to buy subprimal and cut your own.

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    Blade tenderized beef and Co2 injected pork....what is our bbq coming to? :/
    Low and slow is the way to go!


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