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Thread: Blaz'n Grill Works pellet grill

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    Great someone with experience on the blazn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    Great someone with experience on the blazn.
    Yepper, I have one Grid Iron at home, one at the lake, and have also cooked on the inlaw's Grand Slam.

    My dealer is in KC, but they are built only about 1.5-2hrs away from me over in NE.

    I was originally wanting a Country Smoker Whole Hog or an FEC, but I looked at the GMG, the IPT, and the Louisiana Grills at BBQ Bonanza in KCK. Bob had a Grid Iron there that he was cooking on as a demo unit.
    I was thoroughly impressed and promptly went home and started researching all over again.
    That was the end of that.
    I got it the first of July and since, have ran over 500lbs of pellets through the one I have at home.
    Yes, there are some improvements I would personally make, but nothing that detract from how well it is made or how it performs overall.

    I also just got my very own FEC100 this weekend too, something I've wanted for a long long time. Now I don't have to borrow one of my neighbor's FEC's to do monster cooks!

    If any body has any questions about the Blazin Grills, just ask. I'll give you both the good and the bad.

    Masterbuilt 40"
    New Braunfels Hondo
    Leisure Chef Outdoor Grilling Center
    Bakers & Chefs 8 burner event grill
    Bakers & Chefs 4 burner event grill
    Bradley digital smoker
    Charbroil Grill2Go X2
    Kenmore Elite Grill & smoker
    I lost track...

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    I am looking for information on the new pro series. Are there any owners who can provide any information on either size pro?

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