Brining a bird...then what?
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Brining a bird...then what?
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Thread: Brining a bird...then what?

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    Brining a bird...then what?

    So, being new to this world of pellet smoking/grilling, I have a question.

    I love brines for chicken--whether fried or roasted. So, I'm thinking I'm going to brine some chicken after my MAK shows up. I'll probably also try some other methods, of course.

    So, for those of you who brine their chickens, what do you do afterwards? Just spatchcock and throw it on the grill? Do you rub it too? What's your procedure?

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    Spatchcocking is what I do (no brine), here's a recent thread re. Spatchcocking: Spatchcocking???
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    no brine, spatchcock, then either a rub or a bunch of herbs, garlic etc.

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    Thanks. Just wondering what people who brined did after they brined the chicken.

    I'm planning to spatchcock with no brine too.

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    I did a spatchcock that was brined tonight and it was fantastic!!!
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    Sweet! Can't wait to try it myself!

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    I used to brine all the time. Not anymore. I do what Rip and Deb do.
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    I'm trying this chicken spatchcock cooking this weekend.

    Using a MAK2


    PS: will post pictures.

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    Spatchcock once and you'll never go back.
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    First spatchcock chicken

    My first spatchcock turned out pretty darn good.

    Big Poppy video helped me out a lot.

    Set the MAK2 initially at 250 degrees for 2 hrs then moved the MAK2 up to 350 degrees until the chicken had a IT 170 degrees.

    Wife said the chicken was excellent.

    I will do this spatchcock cooking again.

    It is all most set it and for get it.

    Thanks to all.

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