Coffee in rub?
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Coffee in rub?
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Thread: Coffee in rub?

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    Coffee in rub?

    I am trying my hand a making my own simple rib rub. I currently am using course pepper, kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and chili powder. Thinking about adding some coffee for depth. Has anyone tried this before?

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    I've used espresso beans in several rubs. Just one piece of advice...

    Grind the coffee very fine and use your taste buds to adjust the amounts of sugar / brown sugar and salt in the mix needed to counter any bitterness.

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    I had a buddy use a coffee based rub on a brisket. It turned out great and I don't like coffee.

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    I appreciate the feedback. I am smoking two racks tomorrow. I will try one with the coffee and one without. I'll update the thread with pics and details.

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    Just some final feedback for anyone who finds this thread. The coffee added depth to the rub and did not impart a coffee flavor. Highly recommended.

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    How much did you use in relation to the rub recipe?

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    I actually take this one step further when doing a leg of lamb. I make a solution of red wine, brewed coffee, garlic, thyme and oregano and let the lamb sit for about 6 hours. Does a wonderful job of tenderizing, pulls some of the gaminess and imparts wonderful flavor.

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    I use coffee in my brisket rub. I agree with the advice previously given to grind it VERY fine. Done right it adds a flavor that is very pleasant and doesn't scream "hey there's coffee in here". I've not had to add additional sugar to deal with bitterness.

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