Does size matter?
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Does size matter?
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Thread: Does size matter?

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    Does size matter?

    I have done quite a few pork butts that were in the 5 to 7 pound range and have found a good working base for my smoke (Thanks to the knowledge from this forum!). I have been asked to smoke about 30+ pounds of pork (6 5-lb butts) for a group and am wondering if I need to allow more time on Berta (MAK 2 Star).
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    Probably just a tad but also they will all come off at different times

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    Do they need to be that small?Can't you just cook like 3 10-12 pounders?
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    Agree with Big_Jake, you want to use as few butts as possible so you don't have the timing variations. If you can get 3 close to the same weight, they will finish closer together or you can use 3 probes to track them. I know that product I place to the left (facing the grill) will cook faster than those on the right. Also, you should be able to cook 3 on the top shelf which I find works best. My $.02.
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