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Easter ham
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    Easter ham

    Big Poppa,

    Can you give us some tips on doing a Easter ham?


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    I'm not Big Poppa, but if you have a typical store-bought ham that is pre-smoked/cooked, then it's pretty easy to turn it into something spectacular with a pellet grill/smoker.

    First, you can score a cross hatch pattern in it if you like and spike with cloves, or sprinkle on some ground allspice, your favorite rub, etc. or just leave it as is. Your choice (I love the ground allspice when I want that classic holiday ham flavor and smell).

    Stick it on your pellet smoker at 250 - 325, depending on how much smoke you want to add versus how quickly you want it to cook.
    250 will take about 35 - 40 minutes per pound to cook. 325 will take about 20 minutes per pound to cook.

    Hickory is a good pellet choice.

    When it reaches an internal temp around 135 - 140, then start glazing it every 10 - 15 minutes until you reach an internal temp of 155 - 160, then pull it off and let it rest for at least 30 - 45 minutes.

    Glaze options are almost limitless. Here are just a handful of suggestions:

    - Honey
    - Maple Syrup
    - Brown sugar mixed with a little pineapple, orange or apple juice (brown sugar & pineapple is one of my favorites)
    - Cola Syrup (if you can't find it locally just simmer and reduce some cola down to a syrup consistency)
    - Rum with Brown sugar or cola syrup
    - Maple or Honey with just a bit of cayenne pepper

    Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure; you won't regret roasting it in your pellet smoker!

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    I usually add pineapples and glaze it.

    My family doesn't like recipes that are too sweet, so I'm trying to balance the flavor.

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    Thanks to both of you. I did a small practice ham & it turned out very good. I work Easter & will bring in a smoked ham for my co-workers.

    Thanks again,


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