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Feedback and it forward!
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Thread: Feedback and it forward!

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    I am with mcschlotz on this one. Not user friendly from my point of view. But, as with all change, I will figure it out. Does not work for me unless I log in.
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    yeah but how is it going to know what is a new post if you dont log in?

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    "What's New" is now simply a listing of all recent posts made in chronological order. Nothing more; nothing less. This feature was NOT yet fully implemented in the previous version of the forum software.

    "New Posts", on the other hand, is a listing of newer posts that YOU have not yet read. The server keeps track of this for each account, no matter what device you use to log into the forum. In other words you can log in from work, then go home, log in through your phone, etc. and the server still keeps track of it. Ergo the reason that you need to log in for it to work.

    I LIKE the new "What's New" feature because it allows you to easily find newer posts, even AFTER your "New Posts" session has either been viewed, or has timed out.
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