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First Pork Butt
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    First Pork Butt

    Here it is, first go at it and I believe it was a success. Injected with butter mixed with Siracha. Rub was a combination of Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic Salt and BPS's Cuckoo Racha Spicy Chili Dust. Put on MAK at 8 pm with temp at 225 degrees. Kept temp at 225 and pulled at 12 pm the following day. IT of the larger butt was 192, 201 on the smaller. Foiled, wrapped in towel and into the Ice Chest. Sat three hours then pulled by Madeleine my excellent helper. The tast was wonderful, son mixed some with Sweet Baby Rays and had a good sandwich. Sorry no picks of that.

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    Now we will be doing tacos, yummy.

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    Looks really good so far...

    I'll be watching for the taco pics!
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    I am on a carb diet, family was full from snacking on the pulled pork so I just made a pulled pork salad with lettuce, onion, chile verde sauce, Herndez medium salsa. Tacos for the fan bam tomorrow. If I remember I will take some picks.

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    Nice Goose!

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    Yum, that's a good lookin' hunk of pork!
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