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Help with brisket
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Thread: Help with brisket

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    Help with brisket

    Hello folks

    First post here, just got a GMG Daniel Boone for fathers day, went down to the butcher and picked up a 9lb brisket.

    I threw it on at 165 for 4 hours, flipped for another two, flipped again and bumped the temp up to 185 and put in thr probe to look for the temp to get to 165

    9 hours later from the last flip and I could not get it higher than 151

    Is this normal? Thats 15 hours total

    I just foiled it now to get it up to 198

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    At 151F you're probably in the stall. Curious as to why you're cooking at such a low temperature. If your temp is set @ 185F that's all the higher your meat is going to get. Most brisket cooks are 250-275F.

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    It's definitely the low temp plus the stall. Get it up to 225 (at least) after/during the initial smoke. My smoker stays around 185 during the smoke but then I jack it to 275 after a couple hours in the smoke. I get a 12 pounder done in under 8 hours pretty consistently.

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    You need more heat or more patience. Why are you cooking at such a low temp?
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    First, Welcome to the forum!

    I wish I'd seen this yesterday. How did it turn out?

    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    Why are you cooking at such a low temp?
    Same thing I was wondering...

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkangel86
    I threw it on at 165 for 4 hours, flipped for another two, flipped again and bumped the temp up to 185 and put in thr probe to look for the temp to get to 165

    I just foiled it now to get it up to 198
    Did you turn your pit temp up when you foiled it?

    I generally run in smoke mode (which is around 170ish°) for an hour or so. After that I bump the temp to around 250° - 275° (Depending on how big the brisket is) and leave the lid closed for at least 4 - 5 hours before I even start to peek to see how it's looking. Every time you open that lid you are letting heat escape and stalling the cook.

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    Thanks for the replys folks

    I foiled it and turned it up to 225

    I was following the the recipe thats in my GMG manual

    It turned out OK, not as good as I hoped but not bad

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    Hmm... very surprised to hear a brisket recipe calling for 165º temps. General accepted practice is either low & slow i.e. 225º or hot and fast which varies more i.e 250º-275º. Here is a good video from Malcom Reed that can get you started on a predictable path to good brisket.
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    Its in the manual of my GMG Daniel Boone, heres the same recipe but maybe updated now with the higher temp? Also been watching a lot of Malcoms videos, gonna try his memphis ribs soon

    Cook the brisket on your Green Mountain grill at 185°, fat side up, for 5 hours. Spritz with an apple juice/Worcestershire mix every hour or so. After five hours, turn it over and cook for 2 more hours. After that, turn it back over to fat side up and cook until the brisket’s internal temperature (check with a meat thermometer!) reaches 165°, usually about another 4 hours. Next, remove the brisket from the grill. Now, mix about ½ cup of apple juice plus 3 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. Wrap the brisket completely in aluminum foil and drizzle the apple juice mix inside the foil onto the meat.

    Turn the grill up to 225°. Cook until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 198-201° (2-6 hours). Lay newspaper or paper towels in a cooler and lay the meat, still wrapped up in the aluminum foil, on the paper. Close the cooler and let the meat rest for about an hour and a half.

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    By my math, that adds up to about 20 hours of cooking if you assume that it's going to take a little time in between each little task. Not to mention trimming, rubbing, etc.

    I'm still just learning myself, but here's what I recommend.

    Watch this:
    BBQ Brisket Cooking Video - YouTub

    Read this:
    Big Poppa's Brisket tips

    Say thanks to Big Poppa when it turns out great in under 8 hours.

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    quick question. When do you make your burnt ends?

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