HELP!  Fire went out during the night!
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HELP!  Fire went out during the night!
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Thread: HELP! Fire went out during the night!

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    HELP! Fire went out during the night!

    Put a 15 lb brisket on the traeger at about 10:30 pm last night (on smoke). at about 9:30 this morning I checked on it and the fire in the traeger had gone out. Temp in the smoker was ambient and the internal temp of the brisket was about 110 degrees. Pulled everything and found massive mound of unburned pellets inside the smoker. Cleaned it up and got it relit. My question is.... what about the brisket? I have no idea how long it sat with no heat. Could the meat have spoiled?

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    It's really hard to say. An I.T. of 110 is 20 below the pasteurization temp.

    My question would be, based on the size of the pile of pellets, how long do you think the smoker was out? If you don't think it was out for more than a couple hours, then I'd say the brisket is probably OK. Otherwise I wouldn't trust it.
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    I'm also thinking that if the IT hit 110F, the surface, where contamination would most likely be, would've hit 140F at the very least. I would say that the brisket is probably OK too.

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