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Help me choose a WSM replacement
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Thread: Help me choose a WSM replacement

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    The one nice (convenient) thing about also having a gas grill: reverse searing is easier! Doing a Tri-Tip this afternoon with 2 hours on the MAK then finishing by searing both sides for 2-3 minutes on the grill.
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    That was one of the things I was thinking... that setup avoids the need to remove and rest the meat while waiting for the MAK to come up to searing temperature. Not a big deal, but slightly easier to juggle, especially on a 1 Star without the warming box.
    - Dave

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    I am a new owner of the pellet pro vertical smoker and have only done about 6 - 8 smokes. Several chickens, ribs, turkey, ham and pork shoulder. I can tell you the quality is top notch. My search was really focused on a vertical smoker and am very very happy with the pellet pro from smoke daddy inc. While it is very large and my smokes barely put a dent on its full capacity. I did add the Heavy D stick burner for some extra smoke - it works as anticipated. The MAK was out of my price range, so I can’t add anything to that side of the discussion

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    Thanks for the note. After looking more closely at the sizes of the options, I think that a vertical smoker is just going to be too big for the space I have available.
    - Dave

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