Johnny Trigg 2012 cooking classes
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Johnny Trigg 2012 cooking classes
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Thread: Johnny Trigg 2012 cooking classes

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    Johnny Trigg 2012 cooking classes

    Hi there,
    First time visit, first time post. I've been searching the internet for how to find out about his cooking classes to no avail. I saw some photos posted here of a class so thought I might be getting close?

    I wanted to see if there was a link or someone could tell me how to register or find out about his courses?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Terry,

    We offer Johnny Trigg classes a couple of times a year. It is a fabulous class, our facility is in Southern CA, so we only offer info on the classes we are hosting. I have an email list for folks who want the updates on when we will be hosting again. Send me a PM with your name, number & email. Then I will email you once we have confirmed dates for our classes.

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    Johnny is producing one of his own in colorado in a couple of weeks...go to his facebook and ask! If not wait for one of ours!


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