Looking for decent gas grill replacement
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Looking for decent gas grill replacement
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Thread: Looking for decent gas grill replacement

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    Looking for decent gas grill replacement

    I'm tired of dealing with propane, so I love the idea of a wood pellet grill, but I suspect we'll mostly be cooking burgers and brats. I've heard that the pellet grill would be fine for this, but also that it would be better to stick with gas for such things.
    Any thoughts? Can I get good burgers/brats in ~30 minutes on a pellet grill?
    If so any suggestions? I'm pretty interested in these 5 (in no particular order):
    - Grilla Silverback Alpha
    - Yoder Ys480
    - Rec Tec RT-590
    - Green Mountain Daniel Boone (like the price and windows on smoker and hopper)
    - Traeger timberline 850 2019 (heard auger is faster and can reverse and restart to fix clogs)
    I am open to something else also. BPS appears to be a little more expensive than I'm looking for.
    Can these or something else really be a full grill replacement + a smoker?
    Thanks so much in advance!!!
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    Welcome to the forum. I don't think I'll be much help here, I'm biased, but that's why I chose what I did. I have a MAK 2-star, and yes it does everything from smoking to searing. It's also a life time pellet grill. Others have more knowledge of the other brands and the durability, controllers, heat retention, pellet usage etc.

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    The new 2019 MAKs that are getting ready to come out are suppose to get even hotter than previous models. And the previous models with the newer FlameZone are already pretty awesome at grilling (speaking from experience). Just sayin'
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