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Looking for a Mak dealer
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Thread: Looking for a Mak dealer

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinJA View Post
    What temp can the Mak get to?
    With our latest firmware update, the Pellet Boss controller governs the temperature at 600F, meaning you'll be able to get very, very hot at grate level.
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    OK Pac Man, I'll bite...when will the new features be out? As one of the folks who tested the roaming TC, I have been eagerly awaiting the availability of the production version plus the Pellet Boss updates.

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    Hi Sam! Our 2019 model MAK Grills will be out soon. They're currently in production, and we're working hard to get everything squared away for a general launch! Give us a call at MAK if you have any questions or want to be put on our notification list for the new grills.
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    Much has been said already, but I can absolutely vouch for MAK. In my opinion, I am a rather picky customer/grill owner. Simply put, I expect things to work as advertised. I don’t think I am unreasonable, and have over time come to the understanding that there is no such thing as the perfect grill or company. MAK is no exception. That said, I have had a lot of different cookers over the years, and without hesitation can honestly say that MAK has been the best overall experience I have ever had. They went way above and beyond in working through a couple of quirks that I had with my 2 Star, which has since become my all time favorite grill/smoker. And it’s not just the cooker itself, it’s the people at MAK that make things what they are. All I can say is trust us, we are not just blowing smoke :-)
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