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Thread: Mak Start Up

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    I believe the startup mode is the same, regardless of set temp. The startup is timed, then it works its way to set temp.

    It works differently than your traeger controller did. On the Traeger controller, the "smoke" setting didnt use the thermocouple at all, it was just a timed setting. So you started there to keep it from overfeeding pellets. The temp settings are all analog like your oven thermocouple... so it is easy to overfeed the fuel during startup. (Which is why they have you start in smoke).

    On your MAK - the pellet boss has several programs that run, and a startup is one of them. That smoke is normal it should fire fine. What I have found is that if it doesnt fire, it is because of ash buildup in the pot over time. Simple fix there... vac the pot

    Good luck on your cook coming up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter13 View Post
    This is exactly what swayed me to the 1 Star. It puts out 30% more smoke according to Mak Grills.
    It really does smoke like a choo choo train. Last night it was smoking like Rips video which made me think I had a fire upon first sight.
    I cooked briskets side by side in a 1Star and a 2 Star, exact same prep/conditions... and the 1Star had a noticeably deeper smoke profile. BP said the same thing before I cooked on it; and he nailed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip View Post
    Let me stress, this is fairly rare behavior! The buildup of smoke coupled with an infusion of air allowed the built up energy to flash. Most of the time I'm not ramping down the temp to such a large degree, and even when I do, it's rare to generate this much much smoke. This is the only time I've seen it flash like this!
    Think of it as a grain elevator explosion. This is much more "bang" than an egg flash. The egg flash is due to the air and smoke, but the coals getting the direct air infusion generates a lil ball/poof. This smoke has some fly ash, and possibly some pellet fines --- and is "pre-charged" (there is forced air already, right!) so it can make a much bigger boom. I have seen a door blown off a pit before... And yes, you are correct, it is VERY rare... just like a grain elevator explosion... but the right mix of ash/dust/smoke, flame and oxygen and it can be a big blast.

    Quote Originally Posted by bbqslayer View Post
    I don't have a MAK. I haven't ever seen my grill do anything close to this. Anyone else ever have this happen? I can't belive it's enough to have to worry about burping your pellet grill before opening.
    And you probably never will.... I have cooked on pellets alot of years, and with a high frequency, but anytime the conditions are uber heavy chamber smoke, and just enough moisture to put ash/fines into the mix... I am careful and burp. 1 out of 100 cooks. and never had it happen to me... but I have seen one that did, and as I said, it was like a grain elevator explosion.

    One other thing to note... you dont have to open the door for it to occur. you do have forced air, so if you get the perfect environment it can go off on its own. you really need a larger chamber cooker for this to occur.... but that has happened also!

    Great topic.


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