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Marinade Express Question
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Thread: Marinade Express Question

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    Marinade Express Question

    I see on the Marinade Express site there is the Marinade Express, Home Countertop Marinade Express and a separate 20lb drum. What's the difference between the standard and home model? What size is the drum that comes with the unit and is the 20lb drum they sell as an accessory different than the standard drum?

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    Call Big Poppa's store and all your questions will be answered.
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    Yeah Sax we can help you!

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    I have one with only the standard canister. I was looking at the 20lb one also, would be nice for whole birds.

    It works awesome if you are in a hurry. We often have people come and stay longer than expected so we are scrambling for dinner and this helps make it seem like a planned event.
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