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memphis vs mak
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Thread: memphis vs mak

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    memphis vs mak

    I'm shopping for my first pellet grill and have narrowed it down to Mak 2 star and Memphis pro. It's cold up here in Canada and I wonder how the two perform in the cold. I am also curious how the warm up time compares to a gas grill, that is all I am used to, never used a pellet grill.

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    I started the same thread a while ago.

    MAK vs Memphis

    Not sure I got this thread in here as a link, but you can search for it.

    I have pretty much decided on the MAK, but have the same concerns about cold since I live at 6,500 feet in Colorado. There is also an existing thread on using your smoker in the cold, so check that out, too. Good luck!


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    Here's the link to the thread EEman started: MAK vs Memphis

    I can't speak for Memphis grills (since I don't own one), but both grills are tried & true.

    It gets pretty cold here in N.E. Ohio. In fact it's been around or below freezing most of this past week with some snow. So far we're thrilled with how our MAK 1 Star General has performed, even in the cold weather.

    As for your other question about the warm up time, it's maybe a little longer than a gas grill because the pellets have to ignite before they start putting out heat. But, I actually like to take advantage of that by putting certain things such as Tri-Tips on during the warm up to catch some extra smoke before it gets up to grilling temps.
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    I own a MAK and can speak for them.
    I cook in the winter in Michigan. I do not use bricks in my cooker nor do I use a blanket.
    I have put up a very rough shelter with some scrap boards to cut down on the wind. It's the big killer, as far as I'm concerned.
    I can't necessarily speak for the Memphis line not having cooked on one in the wintertime.
    I have a friend in Minnesota who parks his Memphis cooker in the snowbank and cooks regularly in the inclement weather.
    Also, no bricks or blankets for him either
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    I have cooked on both. Get the mak.
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    Thanks guys, I was leaning that way. I think I will order one tomorrow.

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    Kristen will hook you up. My 1 Star arrives Friday.
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    Just to keep this thread from getting too one sided, I'll throw one in for the Memphis Pro. I love mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dundee View Post
    Thanks guys, I was leaning that way. I think I will order one tomorrow.
    Give me a call Dundee!!! 877-828-0727, always happy to help!

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    I don't have a MAK, so I can't speak for them but I do love my Memphis Pro.


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