Mistakes Happen, but BPS Makes it Right
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Mistakes Happen, but BPS Makes it Right
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Thread: Mistakes Happen, but BPS Makes it Right

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    Mistakes Happen, but BPS Makes it Right

    A couple weeks ago, I ordered some pellets from BPS. 40 lbs of Hickory and 40 pounds of Pecan. When I was preparing for my Saturday cook last Friday, I opened the box to see that I was mistakenly sent 80 pounds of Hickory...my Pecan was nowhere to be seen. I called BPS and caught someone right at closing and explained my situation. Obviously there was nothing that could be done about not having Pecan for my cook the next morning, and for that I was disappointed. But BPS took care of me and they are sending out the 40 pounds of Pecan free of charge, and I don't believe I'm being asked to return the extra 40 lbs of Hickory I received.

    I work in a manufacturing environment as a production manager. I totally get that mistakes happen. Lord knows I've made my share over the last 25 years of doing what I do. But how you respond and take care of the customer when these mistakes happen is what makes a good company. BPS is a good company.

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    Sorry you didnt get the pecan....you are correct keep the hickory!


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