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Need Help Cooking Brisket
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Thread: Need Help Cooking Brisket

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    Need Help Cooking Brisket

    What is the best method for cooking a 5-6 pound brisket? Every thing I have seen mentions a much larger cut of meat. I just got a treater roughly 2 weeks ago and I am cooking my first brisket. I was doing smoke for 4 hours and then 25o until 180 degrees. I was going to then wrap in foil until it reaches 205 internal temp. Remove and rest for 30-60 minuets. Any suggestions.

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    I started out with 5-6lb briskets and found the larger full packer briskets tend to produce the best, most consistent results. Lots of tips in the links below. Read up and plan to do lots of practice briskets to get more comfortable with it.

    Big Poppa's Brisket tips

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