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    From Texas!

    While shopping at the local grocery store, I saw 20# bag of pellets (mesquite, hickory, oak) for $11.99. Is this just inferior product on the cheap, & you get what you pay for?

    Whats the diff btwn good & cheap pellets, & what brand are good

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    Pellets are so subjective...first off most 100% can be bery heavy on the ash content.
    if the pellet is west of the mississippi the base wood is alder east of the mississippi it is usually oak. usually2/3 base and one third flavor

    Traeger has a patent of wood oil instead of the flavor wood but the deny that they use it. I shy away from traeger I use BBQers delight

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    First, welcome to the forum, from NE Ohio!

    Like BP said, pellets are VERY subjective. I tried other brands 100% hickory, 100% apple, etc. and trust me... they produce a LOT more ash than Oak-blended pellets!

    That's why I prefer chiefly BBQer's Delight, or the Lumber Jack (when I can get in on a group bulk purchase, which isn't too often).

    Even when I am able to get Lumber Jack, for every bag of 100% flavor pellets (Apple, Hickory, etc.), I order a bag of oak and blend them 50/50 to keep ash down.

    I generally ONLY use 100% flavor pellets in the A-Maze-N smoker tube for cold smoking bacon, hams, cheese, etc.
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