Obsessing over pit temps?
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Obsessing over pit temps?
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Thread: Obsessing over pit temps?

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    Hi, I'm new to this site and came here for exactly this discussion since I'm a pellet griller. I have a suggestion for pellet heads who are distressed by the wild temp swings they see during a cook: Get an accurate analog thermometer that sits on the grill. They are slower to react to the temp swings and will, in this case I believe, give you a more accurate read on what your grill is really doing. My grill, a Green Mountain pellet smoker is by definition a lot like a convection oven, and when that blower is on my digital thermometer skyrockets to more than 40 degrees over desired temp, then drops to 20 or 30 under when it turns off. The analog thermometer doesn't react fast enough to these swings and gives me a better look at what temp I'm averaging. My only issue with the analog device is that I have to open the smoker to take a peek. Wondering if there is anything out there in the analog world that is attached to a wire that can be read remotely. Thx

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    Welcome emplawpro, glad to have ya! Since you can only smoke with what equipment you've got, understanding how our pit behaves is very important. I personally recommend avoiding opening and closing the pit as much as possible as it only serves to further expand the temp swings. It's all about constant temp over the length of the smoke to create good eats
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    To me this is all part of the fun. Sure smoking is all about drinking beer, enjoying family, etc. But if that was all it was, we wouldn't even be discussing said matters on a forum like this. I agree that the small temp swings have little to no affect an the food but for most of us, we obsess over everything BBQ. From pits, thermometers, rubs, sauces etc. We will spend hundreds of $ on a thermapen to get our product exactly 1/10 of degree more accurate than before. There has been so many advancements in BBQ over obsession, so I say keep at it guys. Awesome forum by the way...who knows one day well will be BBQ'ing with Nuclear Reactor type equipment and can hold a pit to 1/100 of a degree. But someone with try for 1/1000!! LOL


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    Kurt, what a great way to think about it! Necessity is the mother of invention and someone felt it was necessary to "get more accurate temps," or "create a electronically controlled smoker that utilizes pellets," and such.

    And welcome to the forum!
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