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Optional Top Rack Question
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Thread: Optional Top Rack Question

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    Optional Top Rack Question

    I am thinking about upgrading from a Traeger Lil Texas Elite to either a MAK 2 star or a Memphis Pro. Unfortunately, I have not been able to see any of these grills in person.

    Are these grills materially larger than the Traeger?

    With the top rack, can a whole, uncut chicken fit underneath the optional top rack?

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    Not a problem with the MAK 1 or 2 Star...

    Seeing is believing: MAK 1 Star General Turkey Capacity
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    Wow, you're right. A picture speaks for itself. Thanks.

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    I have cooked on all of them...the MAK has true capacity...I just got another grill to evaluate ad they claim tons of room but they are ver small mini shelves...great for a potato but not much else...the when you get the extra rack for he MAK you are truly doubling your cooking capacity

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    Optional Top Rack Question

    Couldn't agree more. One of my first cooks was two pork butts and 3 St. Louis ribs up top with a full brisket on the bottom. Honestly if I would have moved the brisket off center I could have made room for more.

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    I do 80% of the cooking on the upper rack.
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    I cook on the upper rack 100% of the time. Whatever won't fit on the upper rack goes on the lower.
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    100% top rack cooker here too =)
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    Definitely get the top rack, but pop for two half racks. Way easier to fit into a sink for cleaning. The single rack is too large for that.

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    I will second the two half upper racks... I wish I had done that instead of the now full rack... But still love the upper rack... Very handy.


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