Pellet Grill Cooking Surface
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Pellet Grill Cooking Surface
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Thread: Pellet Grill Cooking Surface

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    Pellet Grill Cooking Surface

    I am looking at upgrading from my Traeger Texas Pro with its 884 sq. in. Of grilling surface and was looking at the Yoder 640S, but the Mak 2 Star is starting to look interesting. Why should I go with a Mak 2 Star General when the cooking surface is much smaller and the price is much much higher? Guess I need to be sold on this one.


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    I had the same issue in my brain, but how often do you really need that much space. I can easily get 40 plus pounds of pork butt on the MAK 1. I went to that from the Jim Bowie, BIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG DIFFERENCE

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    With the upper rack in place on my MAK 2 Star I have had 8 butts totaling over 70 pounds in it. You can also easily smoke 4 good size turkeys in it as well using the upper rack. Using 2 rib racks and the upper rack 16 racks of ribs can go in the 2 Star.

    Is that enough space for your needs?
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    MAK2 star spec sheet shows 858 sq in of cooking space with upper rack. As others have said, you can load it up with quite a bit.
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    Here's my 2.

    First of all: A larger base cooking area also translates to MORE grill/metal to have to heat up, EVERY TIME you use the grill, which translates to more pellet consumption. How often do you need to heat up that much space?

    DON'T be fooled by either the MAK 1 or 2 Star's smaller footprint. The upper grates effectively double the cook area. It's sized right for everyday cooking, yet when I need it for cooking protein for the entire Marching band or church 3 - 4 times per year it comes through every time.

    Here's 8 butts on my MAK 1 Star:

    We researched for a year before deciding on a MAK and we have never regretted the decision.

    You get top notch quality and customer support, the best controller on the market, and with all the accessories and options available, the MAK's are hands down, the most versatile grill going.
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    I think the size question has been answered very well, but is it worth the extra grand? I need to sell wife on this? The Yoder 640 looks great and has good reviews on here also, why is the Mac worth the extra $$$$. That is where I am at right now. I want the best pellet grill with the best value, if that is the Mac then that is where I will go.

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    Also what is the difference between the MAK I and MAK 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCal Smoker View Post
    MAK2 star spec sheet shows 858 sq in of cooking space with upper rack. As others have said, you can load it up with quite a bit.
    Does the upper rack come standard? Or is it an upgrade?

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    I also want to do a beer can turkey, not enough head space in the Traeger, which has more head space the MAK or the Yoder? Any experience out there on a beer can turkey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goosehunter51 View Post
    Does the upper rack come standard? Or is it an upgrade?

    The upper rack is an add-on...WELL worth is too! I'd advise two 1/2 racks vs one whole upper rack. Way more versatility!
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