Pellet usage for MAK 2-Star General
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Pellet usage for MAK 2-Star General
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Thread: Pellet usage for MAK 2-Star General

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    Pellet usage for MAK 2-Star General

    I had a MAK 2-Star General, but gave it to my son a few years ago when he needed a grill. Since then, Iíve been getting by with a gasser. Needless to say, I really (REALLY) miss having a smoker!!!

    Iím considering a new MAK 2 Star... Glad they have made improvements in grease collection, but was hoping to see improvements in pellet consumption. If I remember correctly, my MAK went through a LOT of pellets. Memphis grills website indicates pellet consumption while smoking of .3 to .5 pounds per hour. They accomplish that through a double walled firebox. MAK still doesnít have anything like that, and I donít see an insulated jacket as an option for the firebox.

    Does anyone know of published info on pellet usage for a MAK?

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    Great question. I'd like to know why there aren't any lights? Lots of people put food on or cook when it's getting dark. Would like to see some updated videos on the new MAK 2*!

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    First, Welcome to the forum!

    MAK did improve pellet efficiency with the advent of their 2017 redesign of the FlameZone.

    I currently have both a 2017 MAK 1 Star (with the 2017 FlameZone added) and a 2019 2 Star, and owned two previous 1 Star models (2011 and 2014 models - both of which are still being used by friends). I've always considered the pellet usage to be fairly modest, even in Grilling mode (when you consider the temps I'm getting). And with the new FlameZone design (2017) my newer MAKs use even less pellets than my old 1 Stars did.

    Here's a rough idea of pellet consumption we get (of course depending upon ambient temperature, wind, etc.)

    > In smoke mode: Less than a pound of pellets per hour.

    > In BBQ mode (225į - 245į): 1.25 - 1.33 lbs per hour. For an overnight-into-the next-day cook (10 - 12 hours) with the MAK loaded with pork shoulders I usually go through about 15 - 17 lbs of pellets. I can't recall ever using an entire 20 lb bag of pellets for a long cook.

    > In Grilling mode (includes letting the grill warm up for a good 20+ minutes): About 5 - 6 lbs of pellets per grilling session (This is a rough guess since I've never actually measured them before/after for a grilling session).

    NOW... here's another caveat: The pellets you use can make a difference. I use oak or oak-blended pellets for the longer low & slow cooking. For Grilling I use either 100% oak or a charcoal blended pellet (which really burns hot).

    Overall, compared to the amount of charcoal I used to use for comparative cooks, we've found pellets to be more economical.
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    Compared to my older MAK 2 Star (2014 model), I can definitely say my newer 2018 version with the FlameZone consumes considerably less pellets. Quite noticeable but haven't spent the time to scientifically measure it. Too busy smoking BTW I use BBQr's Delight pellets.
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    I agree. A light would be a nice addition. Lens might get so greasy that it wouldn’t be much help long-term.

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    Thanks. I appreciate knowing that it has improved pellet consumption.

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    Thanks for the info.
    < 1#/hr in smoking mode sounds pretty good. I wouldn’t want it to be so low that it didn’t produce good smoke!

    Thanks too, for suggesting different pellets for smoking vs grilling. I used to just choose type of pellets based on flavor... Not their heat output.


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