This weekend I had the opportunity to cook 4 pork butts on my Pit Boss 820 smoker for a friends 40th birthday party and they turned out great. I used an apple cider injectable marinade and my own home made rub to start them out.

I smoked them for around 14 hours in the smoker at 225 and they came out with some really good bark on them. Made my own home made BBQ Sauce and it was pretty good, too.

I did have an issue where the fire went out when the temp got to around 180 on the smoker, but I think it was because my P setting was set to 7 and the winds picked up. I was able to clear out the extra pellets at the bottom of the grill and then relight it and it finished without any other problems.

I have shared a photobucket album and hopefully people can get to it with Pics:

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