Prime vs. Choice Angus Brisket
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Prime vs. Choice Angus Brisket
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Thread: Prime vs. Choice Angus Brisket

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    Prime vs. Choice Angus Brisket

    I am trying to perfect brisket.

    I pay about $9 a pound for Prime Brisket at a specialty meat market.

    I just got Select Angus Briskets (high Choice?) from Restaurant Depot for $3.09 a pound.

    Quick research seems to indicate that the difference between Select Angus and Prime is slight.

    Restaurant Depot does not stock Prime Brisket in Boston (Everett).

    Any reason to continue to use Prime?

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    If the Brisket is done correctly, there is not $6/pound difference. IMHO.
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    Hey Random,

    Are you trying to perfect your backyard brisket? or is this for competition use?

    I would buy both, cook both, and then do a blind taste test with friends and family! I've tried all sorts of brisket, from choice to wagyu... I agree with onionhead, if you cook the brisket well, you may not be able to taste the difference.

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