Programmed MAK Pellet Boss Prime Rib..Home Run
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Programmed MAK Pellet Boss Prime Rib..Home Run
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Thread: Programmed MAK Pellet Boss Prime Rib..Home Run

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    Programmed MAK Pellet Boss Prime Rib..Home Run

    OK I had family here...had the day all planned Saturday...Golf (my son and I were victorious over Stretch, the big diesel, and the Wart. An epic battle that came down to the last hole.....But I digress... A little pool time....a little us open...maybe a cigar....season up a super prime prime rib.....knock them dead at dinner....

    But my day changed. "Dad, lets go to San Diego!" "Sure, Son!" lying through my teeth. What am I going to do about this prime rib? I said "Give me ten minutes.....SO....
    I grabbed the seven bone special and greased it up with some Annies EVOO with roasted garlic....

    then smeared it with Coffee Balsamic Glaze and then dusted with Little Louies with Black Pepper and then some Big Poppa's Double Secret....I then rubbed it in really good and put it on the upper shelf on the MAK One Star

    I like to use the upper shelf for any roasting of meat. It really gets it up in the air into a very steady and even heat zone...the convection blows around the meat so it is very close to a rotisserie cook.
    Now comes the good part. it was 1:13 pm..( I notice this time as its my birthday in hours) I have to admit that I dont personally use the programability of the MAKs that much because most cooks Im right there...So I thought to my self..."We will be gone 5 hours...probably 5.5....I want it to come off at 130 and dont want to over cook it....I set the Boss at 225 and to go to smoke mode at 130 internal temp...Easy Peasy or as spark says wa la.....I walked up to the smoker at 5.25 hours and it was 127 internal...ten minutes later the pellet boss ramps down to smoke and here it is

    Here it is in the sunshine resting

    I also do not sear prime rib anymore...I am more interested in creating a good glue seasoning to create a smoke infused crust..... I do this with recipes like the above but also with mushrooms and herbs and garlic oilve oil in the food processor....
    Here it is after a coupla slices

    Here is the Kings plate...(mine...ok Im not the king at home but I can play one on the net)

    SO the moral to this story is that I got lucky guessing the cooking time vs temp.....But really it was that I had no fear trusting the MAK and its programming with a nearly $300.00 roast....It is that rock solid.

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    Looks great, BP. I am planning on cooking a smaller roast around the 4th, and I may just try programming my Pellet Boss. I am like you in that I am always around while something is cooking.

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    Very Nicley done!
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    Fabulous !!

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    Great looking slice of rib BP, very nice!
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    Beautiful! I have not tried a prime rib yet but it is on the list. Thanks for all of the great tips. I just got done watching your pulled pork video. I will be doing my first several this weekend for my neighbor's graduation party. Can't wait.
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    Looks great BP, thanks for the tip on putting the roast on the top shelf.

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    Remember, no rules in the bedroom or dining room,

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    Looks Delicious!!
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    Fantastic BP, that little MAK & you are a pretty good team
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