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My unit is new and I really wasn't finding any problems with it, but when I put the 4 probes in ice water, I got a couple of temperature readings of "LLL". That was not covered in the manual, so I emailed the support folks. It took 3 emails from me and 3 emails from them before they finally understood I was NOT reporting a defect or problem but was just asking for an explanation as to what "LLL" was an indication of. Their writing in English is comical and needs an open mind to understand it.
Here is an update from Ink Bird Customer Support on the "LLL" reading.
Hi friend,
Thanks for your patience.
We have confirmed the LLL is the signal of low temp (lower than 0℃ or 32℉), it doesn't mean defective probe or any other thing, please dont worry.
And we will inform this issue to our relevant colleague to see whether we could add this into specification.
Thanks for your understanding.
Any other confusion please feel free to let us know.
As I said before - comical to read. 😉 Because I was an electronics engineer in a past life, I assumed that the "LLL" was an indication of a low reading. The didn't seem to be aware that this wasn't mentioned in the manual. Oops! 😁