See you all down the road
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See you all down the road
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Thread: See you all down the road

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    See you all down the road

    I have been frequenting this forum for a few years now, after I got my Yoder. I am still a loyal BPS rub purchaser.

    Once BP did away with the weekly contests, the interest dropped off in a huge way. I have since modified my grill, got it working the way I want, and now I don't feel like this is a good place to spend my time.

    Thanks for a good time, and I'll keep buying BP rubs, but I am done monitoring every day like I used to. This has just become a venue to sell MAK grills and, (admittedly) some very good rubs.


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    Oh, I should add that I have more than a couple of Sterling's guitars and more than a few of his products in my house. I am not trying to denigrate his businesses in any way. I am just done with this forum. I have better things to spend my time on.

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    Here it is.....nothing stops you and anyone else from posting pics of food and sharing. I stopped the contests because it went to the same people and over half only bought with gift certificates....a really bad deal for us.

    People come and go and I like to have all of them but dont understand and two post farewell....If you want to stay please stay and contribute...if you want to go then farewell with parting shots really arent necessary

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    See you later piggy

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    Sorry to hear that you are leaving. I think you should stay, post pics of your cooks and your grill. There are a lot of good people on here to learn and share with. I am still saving up for my pellet grill. Hard with kids getting ready for college but anyway; I appreciate the forum and everyone on here. I have definitely learned a lot.

    Best of luck in whatever you decide!!

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    Appreciate your point of view. I don't share it but I appreciate it. Farewell.
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    I frequent less because my free time has become very precious, and the new tapatalk app on ipad I quit using because I didn't like it.
    At any rate, I respect the experience of the folks here in the realm of BBQ and cooking, in which I consider myself a novice at best.
    A great, friendly and casual place to learn.
    I still order my gear through BPS and appreciate their support for the forum.

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    The more I read on other forums, the more I am wanting a MAK. You could claim that most smoking forums are just venues for selling a MAK, but I think they pretty much sell themselves.

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    Being new here I only see the website at hand, that being said, knowledge is knowledge and I for one always thought that more is always better.

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    I agree with Gunny and ant site you go to food or other will have its own style.
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