Happy 4th of July!!
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Happy 4th of July!!
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Thread: Happy 4th of July!!

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    Happy 4th of July!!

    Have a safe & happy holiday!! Let's see some holiday cook pics too!

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    I had a pretty good holiday (with at least a few pics). Hope you had a great one, too!
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    It was pretty good. Just burgers & brats. Nothing special. Glad all 2 of us on this forum had a good 4th! LMAO!!!

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    Burgers and brats for me too. Burgers on a cookie sheet ala TentHunter then took off the flame zone covers and gave them a nice sear. Left the burgers on the cookie sheet on the upper grate while kickin up the temp. That made the burgers over done for me but perfect for the wife. But still juicy not dry.

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    Sounds great! Yeah, Tent has a lot of great information. He's been cooking with a MAK for a long time. So he's got the trial & error all figured out for us! Lol. Lots of MAK knowledge there! Thanks for sharing.

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    No response because I did turkey burgers on the gasser��. Not proud, but I did it. Sorry.
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