17# Brisket for breakfast
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17# Brisket for breakfast
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Thread: 17# Brisket for breakfast

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    17# Brisket for breakfast

    Well, was looking for a brisket to cook on my 2Star and the only one they had was a 17.5#..... sounds good to me. Hadnt cooked a brisket on the pellet smoker yet, but had smoked several on my webber bullet. Looked at some info online and seemed to be an hour or more per #, so i thought i would put it on smoke setting overnight and then wrap in the morning. I figured it would be done between 2 and 6pm.

    Man was i wrong.... put it on around 5pm and at 1am the alarm was going off on the smoker (gotta figure out what caused that). But thankfully it did because the internal temp was about 150 already. So i wraped it, turned temp up to 230, and set my phone alarm for 4am. 4am it was 189, and by 4:40am it was tender to the meat probe and 201 degrees! Yikes, looks like brisket for breakfast.

    I put it in a cooler and scooped a bunch of the juice into a seperat container.

    Man, this smoker is amazing... but i need to figure out that alarm thing, and get a nap in today too

    Happy memorial day weekend to everyone, remember those who risked everything for us!


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    I've tried to cook overnight, starting around 10PM, and have always run in to the same problem. It's done to soon. Last time I followed Malcom Reed's instructions and started about 6AM and cooked at a higher temp (250F I think) and it was ready to come off about 1:30 and ready for it's rest. It was darn good, too. My daughter always uses BBQ sauce, or ketchup, on her meat so she forced me to put bottle on the table. It remained their unopened for the entire meal! I have to say it was a Wagyu brisket from SRF, so that might have something to do with it's being so good. I was very grateful that I didn't turn a $150 brisket into a lump of charcoal. I'll just have to try it again with a Costco brisket and see if it was the meat or the method.

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    Prime packers do well but got to say that Wagyu Briskets are some of the best.
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    I start my overnight cooks around 1am when I go to bed so I can sleep in! lol
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    I never put a brisket or pork shoulders on for overnight, unless I need them for lunch time. Even then I tend to put them on late, say around 10 PM or so.

    But... I bet it was a great breakfast! Brisket for breakfast with some eggs doesn't sound bad at all!
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