So much info that is not easily found on the internet
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So much info that is not easily found on the internet
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Thread: So much info that is not easily found on the internet

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    So much info that is not easily found on the internet

    I am thinking about getting a Traeger, but am not limited to that brand. But I have questions....Which size is best for my family of five that occasionally cooks for 10 to 15 but I also cook Sous Vide? I love to do beer can chickens two to 3 at a time so I need that capacity. If I go up to one if the larger size models do the use a noticable amount more pellets? If I were to start out with a non digital model that is used, could I hook it to my sous vide module and would the ignition system react well to this?

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    Although Traeger is the pellet grill that started the pellet cooking adventures. They have been left behind by a lot of manufactures. Don't buy a three speed, whatever you decide on get with a digital temp setting. On size get larger then you think you can get by with.
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    If you have the budget take a serious look at the MAK Grills. I am currently reviewing the latest model 1 Star here:

    And don't be fooled by it's smaller foot print. It holds a lot of food!

    If you decide to go with a used 3-speed model Treager, your sous vide controller won't work. You'll need to get a digital controller designed for pellet grills. The Ortech controller should work well.

    And yes, larger model pellet grills will use more pellets.
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