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SRF Briskets?
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Thread: SRF Briskets?

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    SRF Briskets?

    I see these are on sale.

    Was curious if anyone has tried them and care to comment. I was told they are wet aged 28 days and trimmed to 1/4" fat cap (so you're not paying for a bunch of fat however the vein of fat between the point and flat is Not trimmed.)
    Can others verify? If so could be ready to go right from the box more or less. What percentage of the mass of meat versus fat? The brisket I did yesterday I totally separated and aggressively trimmed fat. I ended up with 5.75 pounds of beef on a gross weight 12.4 pound packer brisket in the wrapper - pre cooked weight.

    While I'm at it, has anyone tried the Gold version compared to the black?


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    I guess I'll answer my own question on this one. I ordered one.

    Here is my latest Brisket effort prepared yesterday.
    I completely separated the point and flat in effort to reduce cook time, and improve flavor since more surface area was exposed. I found that my 12.4 pound packer brisket was reduced to 5.75 pounds trimmed of fat. Fairly disappointing. I didn't directly hand pick this cut however. I injected with BPS CattleProd and applied salt (1/2 tsp / pound) to each part of the separated muscles and let rest overnight. I applied rub the next day while the smoker was heating up. I ran Pecan pellets. I used BPS Cash Cow as the primary rub with Happy Ending and Tatonka Dust and Little Louies w/ Black Pepper Garlic salt on the Flat. For the point Salt Lick Rub plus Rudy's Rub. No "glue".
    Onto the smoker at 225F at 9:15AM fat side up (but not much fat did I leave behind.) The Point I folded over and tucked a very thin portion of the flat which I had never noticed before on other briskets, but this was the first separation cook. I was worried it would dry out. By about 1:15PM or so, I had 150-154 on each piece so I pulled and foiled tightly. I added a bit of ESB homebrew to the foiled point, nothing to the flat. At about 3:50 I was at 200+ so I pulled and tossed them into another foil wrap and placed into a heavy duty pizza bag type insulated bag from sams club that about 10 years old. I rested for about 2:30 before pulling out and finishing. I added a bit of BBQ sauce to the flat after a few shakes of BPS Jalapeno Bacon Rub and let it tighten up on the smoker for a few minutes before slicing. The Point I cubed into 1" hunks and tossed with some BPS Jalapeno Bacon Rub mixed in with de-fatted foil juices and some BBQ sauce. Then I returned these to the smoker on a BPS grill mat while we ate dinner. After cleaning up the dished I quartered each of these cubes into smaller pieces. Not sure how "burnt" the burnt ends are supposed to be.

    I posted a couple pics , but failed to obtain a photo of the pre-cut finished pieces. Going to try to follow this method for the SRF brisket and see how it compares. I didn't order the "GOLD" rated version as it wasn't on sale, but I DID get the 20+ lb version so I'll be interested to see what the weight of the meat is after separating into flat and point and breakdown the cost compared to the "certified angus beef" brisket that I just described. This one was tender but not falling apart tender on the flat. definitely not chewy and was liked by all. I brought some burnt ends to work and got some good compliments. I thought that they were so good it was hard to not devour the entire lot of it on the night I made them (Would've surely induced the "meat sweats"!) So the price on the CAB brisket after trimming was about 9.70/pound. Interested to see how much is lost on the SRF (about 8.75/lb for their 20+ lb (using 20 as the divisor)) and what the actual cost per pound is at their sale price on the "BLACK" rated version.


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    there is fat on all briskets between the point and flat. I do not separate if cooking a home for friends and family. You may get more fat waste with the Wagyu. My comments are that you are over seasoning and there is no reason to use four or five rubs...also the flat needs the moisture not the point.

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    I ordered one and was not disappointed. But, recently, my Costco started carrying USDA Prime Brisket, and I would have to say that the cost differential (delivered) is not worth it. That said, I cooked the SRF brisket differently that the Costco one, and I trimmed them completely differently, so probably not a fair comparison. Also, I am not a comp cook, so the subtle differences may be lost in my limited cooking abilities. My two cents!!
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