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Steak Prep
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Thread: Steak Prep

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    There is some interesting information about the practice of "Dry Brining" meat by applying salt to it before cooking. The devil is in the detail.


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    I experiment quite a bit with my steaks. Somehow I usually end up back to the basics and use kosher salt, garlic powder and black pepper. I used to be able to find some seasoning called Steak Dust from Sam's Club years ago that by itself was not too spectactular, but when added with other seasonings seemed to enhance the flavor of the steak, but I haven't found it in years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goosehunter51 View Post
    The tri tip sounds good, can you walk me through how you cook it?
    Sorry I missed this question. I am always trying new ways to cook tri tip so I don't have a go to. Lately, I have been smoking for an hour, then 275F until the IT is 142F (cook tri tip to higher temp than other beef for tenderness - a recommendation from BP that I completely agree with). I have started and ended at 275F, and I have reversed seared. All come out great. I spent 16 years of my adult life in Central, CA where I believe Tri Tip started, and I know that grilling tri trip is the way it is done. I still do it on the Webber or gasser every now and then and still love it. Try many different ways and find what you like best! It is still probably my favorite thing to cook!
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